signs, games, illustration - and more!
Cariboo Signs is located in Peachland in the beautiful
Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. We first started with our
Illustration studio before we decided to go 'dimensional'.

With the purchase of the CNC router we have a powerful
machine that allows us to work in 2D and 3D. Even the
most complicated designs are now possible - and affordable.

Hand-carving a sign takes a lot of time, it is simply not
possible to offer detailed and higher-valued products for
a competitive price.

It is the same with illustration: Our illustration department
started with hand-drawn and airbrushed illustrations (we still
do this once in a while…) but with modern technologies
we now do 80% of the work on the PC.

In both cases it does not mean a reduction of creativity - a machine can be as powerful as possible, it still needs the creative mind to feed it - but a service to our customers:

Higher valued products and highest quality for an affordable price.