At Cariboo Signs we work on a Larken ShopCam CNC Router.
Larken is the leading manufacturer of 3 axis router table systems
and even NASA has chosen this system for their Spacehab.

Our 5' by 10' router system can route, engrave, 3D mill or plot
in all types of materials including plastic, wood, acrylic, MDF, aluminum, vinyl and composites - items from under 1" up to 20'.

A planner, laser mitre saw and other tools together with a small paint shop complete our workshop.

The ShopCam 3 axis router
With ArtCamPro we use the No.1 CAD/CAM software developed by Delcam Inc., the world leader in artistic 3D software for the sign industry. It is the most powerful CAD software available.

Our illustration office features 3 state-of-the-art work stations with digitizers as well as a high-end airbrush work station.

Before we start with a job all of our customers get a photorealistic image of the ordered product, not just a sketch or rough design.
The PC work stations