The famous smoker from Thuringia/Germany!
Smoking Men (German: Raeuchermaennchen) !
Enjoy a handcrafted, traditional decoration and the smell of incenses

The famous Smoker comes from the Erzgebirge region of eastern Germany and was first invented back in 1856. The people in Germany are very proud
of these traditional figures which are sought-after products during Christmas time!
The Smokers are usually made out of 2 pieces, so that a cone of incense can be inserted. Through a whole in the upper part of the Smoker the delightful
swirling smoke comes out of the mouth, a pipe or the chimney.
We offer a wide  range of the famous Smokers, made by Wolf,  the leading manufacturer of wood and glass items in beautiful Thuringia.
It's your choice: Doctor, Snowman, Santa, Indian, Trapper, Toy Manufacturer, Baker, Cook, Hiker, Chimney Sweep, Fisher...
to name but a few! Ask for special collector editions or customized products.
Nutcracker !
nutcracker "son" nutcracker "father" nutcracker "grandfather" natural nutcracker WOLF "santa-nutcracker"
Here they are: The world-famous Nutcrackers from the Sonneberg-area in Thuringia !
Don't buy immitations made in Asia - only handmade Nutcrackers from Germany are originals!

Standing nutcrackers in the form of soldiers or knights were first found in the Sonneberg area of Thuringia and in the Erzgebirge region. Wilhelm Fuchtner,
known as the "father" of nutcrackers,made the first commercial production of the unique figures back in 1872.

At Cariboo Imports we offer you a wide selection of these wonderful masterpieces in different sizes. 
We also have limited edition masterpieces for the true collector - if you are interested in getting more information please send us an email or give us a call !
Radiometer or Solar Wing Spinner
balloon with solar spinner lighthouse - the perfect solar spinner! only one more sample: Solar Spinner with snowman 3 attached single solar spinner Oh Canada! Solar Spinner on stand
The Radiometer or Solar Wing Spinner - our most fascinating product !
But how does it work? 
A radiometer - the invention of the British physicist Sir William Crookes - shows the transformation of heat into movement energy. And so does our solar spinner.
The dark areas of the solar wing wheel take up more light - or better heat energy - than the bright areas. The air molecules at the dark areas are warmed up
more than the bright areas and thus a higher pressure is produced (air pressure). This higher pressure results in an impulse which causes the rotation of the
solar wing wheel. This turn is started by light from the sun or from an electric bulb, but it will not work under fluorescent light as this does not emit
enough infrared radiation! The turn power must be stronger than the air resistance - and because of this the glass ball is partially evacuated.

Is this the real story? Well, today, more than one hundred years after Crookes invented the radiometer, scientists are still debating this question. So question the explanation above - and simply enjoy this attractive conversation piece.

We offer a wide range of solar spinner - from the single, clear spinner to balloons, lighthouses, figures and attractive office desk decorations.
Are you looking for something special? Your own design or solar spinner with your logo or text as a promotional gift? Please ask us.